I would like to address the elephant in an extremely small room for society to analyse.

Women all around the globe have one thing in common and that my ladies is menstruation. The wonders, the pain, the myths and the unknown.

Society sets forward the image that a women on her period is this grotesque, inhumane or dirty thing. Now i am in no way an ‘activist’, a ‘feminist’ or part of this moment society is having of ‘mainstream radical menstruation’. I do however want to advocate that menstruation is no reason to feel ashamed or belittled. Ladies if your bloated, cramping up, moody, tired, hungry or emotional, say it out loud!
Once a month basically half the world is in pain and thats something worth talking about, women shouldn’t have to sweep it under the rug like a dirty old porn mag.

Society has no right to endorse or think its ok to be ‘period shaming’. We didn’t ask for it, we loathe it (most women speaking), I’m not urging you to become involved in female activism and go ‘au natural’ or put images up on social media making viewers a little less than comfortable (personally i’ve cringed at a few). But i am saying that you have the right to feel proud to be a woman, that this is normal, humane, natural and something to be discussed.

For centuries women have hidden how much that time of the month downright hurts like a bitch, sure boys in their teens have to endure the embarrassment of wet dreams and the tightening of clothing in certain situations… but reality is periods are damn nasty. Not to mention women have went through their teenage years listening to teen boys’ crude and perverted humour related to their extra appendages.

To the now grown up teenage boys, be thankful for your manhood and appreciate the hormonal struggles women go through especially in the child bearing years.To the girl stuffing tampons in her pockets at a family dinner, to the lady shoving pads in the top of her jeans on a date and to the woman doing her own laundry because she’s ashamed of her undergarments, embrace being a woman and don’t be ashamed, it’s a part of who you are and it’s a reality for half the population.

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