Are We Giving Westerners A Bad Health Rating?

Exposure to Asia’s food culture in the past 6 months has been a trying and testing time, since living here the scout for finding healthy western restaurants has been slim to none. Food wasn’t even a second thought moving to Malaysia, thinking of exotic asian produce, fresh fruit, juices, vegetables and beautiful protein… but instagram had led me astray on this one. Leading me to the question, does the rest of the world believe westerners only nourish their bodies with fries, pizza, burgers, pastas, deep fried chicken, greasy pastries and processed foods? I mentally have to prepare myself when going out to a western restaurant in the case that this is all that is on the menu. No steamed vegetable sides? No greens? No brown rice, quinoa or cous cous? And for all you superfood lovers god forbid, no kale?
Getting amongst the asian cuisine is incredible in some parts of Asia don’t get me wrong, the fragrant, spicy and fresh dishes parts of Asia create are heaven on a plate. But most days I crave the typical protein and green vegetables on a plate, without the added sugar, oil, starch and MSG. Australia is known for it’s amazing fresh produce and in comparison to Malaysia the quality of organic produce they have to offer is astounding. In only 6 months since moving here there’s been improvements in ‘clean eating’ options in all supermarkets and grocery stores down under, so why does the rest of the world think otherwise? Options here are limited in the fast and easy ‘clean eating’ sector and to find a meal out that ticks all the nutritional boxes is a mission.
Working on a better worldwide health status is what society needs to accomplish. Its an obvious truth that much of society simply don’t know what they are putting into their body and continue do it without caution. Technology is continually developing and discovering new solutions to improve many problems of the world but unfortunately food quality isn’t one of them. Technology has severely impacted on the quality of organic foods throughout the development of preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings, additives including sugar and salt, processing foods and draining vital nutrients leaving food with slim nutrient density. Technology is manipulating natures food into anything but natural, raw nutrient dense food is something in its organic state containing vital minerals and vitamins needed for the body to optimally function. Westerners are extending the shelf life and making organic produce into something it isn’t purposed for.
Additives, preservatives and processed foods malnourish internal organs and cells leading to potential lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension which can result in life-long medicated relief. These additives can also lead to the development of many mental conditions; irritability, depression and anxiety just to name a few. Switching to a whole foods diet will make you feel revitalised, nourish your body with natural grains, unprocessed and sugar free foods, organic meats,  vegetables and natural flavourings. Changing your lifestyle might influence the world to vits westerner’s eating habits in a more positive way and you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain. If you’re feeling sluggish, tired, bloated, irritated and your eating a diet of processed foods this is your answer to feeling better. Now the occasional doughnut from the store won’t heavily impact on your health compared to if you were eating one a day before. Plus there are plenty of clean eating treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, just like my salted caramel bliss balls. Make treating yourself something you look forward to not something you have to medicate the rest of your life.

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