Very much an American food trend and being an Australian I have only recently discovered these beauties recently,  it took me moving to Malaysia to find them. The supermarket nearby me sells whole-wheat, rye, spelt and many more types of bagels.  They contain far less sugar and starch than you would find in a NYC bakery so keep an eye out in your supermarket for healthy bagels, just check the ingredients. I’ve been experimenting and having fun with this new CARB LOVE of mine and thought i’d share some of my favourite toppings with you.

IMG_8740Smashed avocado on the base, crisp butter lettuce, smoked salmon and creamy light cream cheese on the top. This one was on a cinnamon raisin spelt bun! The savoury and sweet go together like salt goes with caramel!

IMG_7787This was a savoury and sweet combo breakfast on top of a rye bagel. One side topped with cream cheese, berries and honey. The other topped with cream cheese, boiled egg and alfalfa.


This was a breaky inspired bagel, but a healthy version. Starting with half a whole-wheat bagels, smashed avocado (of course), rocket, grilled herbed mushrooms and tomatoes. Juicy, sweet and carb-ly satisfying.

So whats your favourite bagel topping?




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