Coconut oil can works wonders for your body… INSIDE AND OUT! Heres a few ways you can use coconut oil everyday.

  • HAIR- Make an overnight hair mask with coconut oil; on clean damp hair apply melted coconut oil from mids to ends. Either pop a towel on your pillow, wear a shower cap or wrap your head in gladwrap! Rinse with warm water in the morning.
  • BODY- Massage coconut oil into your skin for a youthful glow and ultimate hydration. Apply to stretch marks or cellulite to help hydrate and replenish skin.
  • HAND AND FOOT CARE- Rub into feet and put socks on before bed. Massage into cuticles to help heal dry/cracked cuticles.
  • ORAL- Swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth daily for 30sec-1 minute (however much you can handle), to draw out bad bacteria, toxins and whiten teeth. Spit out the oil after, don’t swallow as the oil will be toxic after use.
  • NUTRITION- Consume one teaspoon daily for general wellbeing, it contains awesome fatty acids and helps to kill bad gut bacteria.
  • COOKING- Use in place of olive oil or butter for cooking, much lighter on the stomach!

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