Eating out can prove difficult when watching the waistline! Heres a few tips to ace eating out without gaining a few pounds.

1- Order a dish that incorporates protein- lean meat (chicken, lean beef, fish) or plant based protein (beans, chickpeas, tempeh).

2- Choose salad or vegetables over chips or mash! Carb crunching on complex good carbs is fine but avoid them when eating out as there can be many added nasties (heavy creams, oil, margarine, artificial sweeteners or flavour enhancers). If your dish doesn’t come with greens add some on the side.

3-Ask for sauce on the side, this way you can control how much you put on your salad and it can remain a salad instead of being drowned out by a nasty fatty dressing.

4- Eat something before you go out so you aren’t tempted to splurge on extras like cake, coffee or chips.

5- Order appetizers. Sometimes you will benefit more from ordering two small entrees or appetisers rather than a hefty meal. Generally there is a fair amount of lighter options on these menus.

6- Last but not least avoid deep fried or fried meals, if you can opt for grilled, steamed or baked food.

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